What is Nano-Needling?

What is Nano-Needling?

What is Nano-Needling?

Nano-technology is a device used on the surface of the skin to make “micro-channels” onto the surface level of the skin so product absorption is greater. My clients love micro-needling because it goes deep into the dermis layer of the skin to create collagen production improving scars, skin tone, etc. HOWEVER, there is some down time. There is some discomfort and redness (like a sunburn) afterwards for several hours.

With Nano-needling (Nano-SKIN refining), there is no pain, no downtime and very little redness. Your face may be slightly pink but no discomfort. After the nano-needling has been preformed, serums with hyalaronic acid and vitamin C are used to penetrate the skin deeper leaving your skin glowing. It is also a great facial to start with prior to trying micro-needling. It improves brightness in the skin, scarring and age spots. Book your facial today!

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