Oxygen Rx facial

Oxygen Rx facial

Oxygen Rx facial

This painless, no-downtime facial service is suitable for all skin types, and works especially well for those experiencing breakouts, pinkness or redness in the skin (including rosacea), uneven skin tone, or dull, lackluster skin.  This is a TEEN favorite as well because it doesn’t hurt and helps clear up breakouts as well as reduces redness in their skin. 

During your session, an active gel and powder are blended at the precise time of treatment to deliver fresh oxygen to the surface of your skin. The formulation and delivery method enhance the absorption of the oxygen while limiting free radical formation.

I see immediate changes in my clients’ skin and I love how it reduces redness and pinkness in the skin, and it works wonders for killing bacteria, so it works beautifully for clients experiencing breakouts – even on my TEEN CLIENTS.  For those having trouble with uneven skin tone, the Oxygen Rx facial is a great professional booster to incorporate with your daily skin regimen.

The Oxygen Rx is not only beneficial in so many ways but there is also NO downtime, no pain, and no severe redness after treatment. You’ll have a healthy glow and look vibrant.  This is a client favorite!  Book your appointment now!

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