SUMMER is coming!

SUMMER is coming!

Did you pack on some extra pounds this past winter?  If you are like most of us, the answer is yes.  Eating right, working out and drinking right are 3 key ingredients to help us all stay healthy and fit, BUT AMP up your weight loss with a BODY WRAP!  I have two body wraps I offer here in my Keller Spa.  The heated Infrared Sauna wrap and the Contour Inch loss wrap both work great for giving you a jolt to your metabolism and both reduce cellulite.  The “HOT TAMALE” aka INFRARED SAUNA WRAP helps not only release toxins from the body, but burns 600 plus calories in one session.  It relieves joint pain, boosts metabolism and overall is amazing for your health.  Enjoy a COLD stone facial while in the heated wrap to LOOK your best as well.

The “FIT CLUB”  aka INCH LOSS WRAP is a cream packed with vitamin B, Niacin and Cassia (cinnamon’s cousin) to help pull toxins from the fatty tissues and flush them out.  This wrap is great to do as part of your weight loss regimen as well as reduce cellulite on your body.  This wrap is tight but comfortable and you receive a spa facial while in this wrap too!  Both wraps are a win win!  If you are looking to contour, lose cellulite, detox and aid in muscle/joint pain relief, well schedule a BODY WRAP today!

I can’t wait to see you at the spa!

HOT TAMALE with Facial $88 ON SALE



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