No more peach fuzz on the face….

No more peach fuzz on the face….

Say goodbye to that pesky “peach  fuzz” or vellus hair on your face, above your lip and under your chin with DERMAPLANING!  This is one of my favorite facials because of it’s many benefits.  I have light facial hair and I’ll never forget the first time someone asked me if I wanted “my mustache” waxed.  EXCUSE ME?  What?  I was so offended!  First of all, as a blonde, who even could notice the hair on my face?  Apparently some one could.  HA!  So, I let her wax my upper lip……and yes the hair was gone, however I proceeded to breakout in those tiny pimple like bumps for days.  Who would want to do this?  I thought.  NOT ME, and not ever again.  So I lived with the unwanted facial hair for the next few years until I discovered dermaplaning.  So, there is NO downtime, NO skin burn, NO breakouts………..just removal of 2-3 weeks of the top layer of dead skin cells with the added bonus of hair removal.  It’s amazing!  I have been doing it to my clients for years now and they love it!!!!

Ask about dermaplane facials the next time you visit!  You will LOVE the result.  Your face is smooth, your makeup goes on better, product penetrates deeper.  IT’S THE BOMB!!!  Can’t wait for you to try it!!!



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