Are you ready for the beach?  Heck, forget the beach…….are you ready for the swimming pool?  Many of us have been working on getting healthy since the beginning of the year, but do you still have a way to go?  If so, please come in for the INCH LOSS CONTOUR BODY WRAP that beats all other wraps.  This is NOT a water loss wrap.  This IS PERMANENT INCH LOSS and cellulite smoothing with a hint of detox.  I have worked with many wraps over the years and this is still the best one.  Ingredients like Niacin, Cassia and B vitamins stimulate the metabolism, increase lymphatic flow and circulation.  Developed by a UCLA biochemist to help diabetic patients struggling with inhibited circulation, these medical professionals found this technique ideal for DETOXIFICATION and increased circulation in both lymphatic and circulatory systems.  It was also cleansing the tissues resulting in remarkable inch loss.  The result is a slimmed, healthier and more attractive body that looks and feels younger.  I have many clients that have been using these wraps as part of their health and beauty regimen.  Come in today to find out more about these amazing inch loss body wraps!



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