Protect your skin – Here comes the sun

Protect your skin – Here comes the sun

We live in the South…….that means hot summers that last more than 3 months!  As a native Texan, (and proud of it) I grew up playing in the sprinklers, laying out and tanning in the tanning beds for a brief time.  I remember looking at a picture of myself in my late 20’s thinking….”Ok I should never let my face get tan again”.  So I stopped.  However, a lot of damage was already done.  Today, as an Esthetician, I have un-done most of the sun damage with Microderms, chemical peels and regular treatments.  I want to share with you that SAFETY is key when protecting your skin from aging, sun damage, skin cancer and wrinkles.  Here is an easy acronym for you:  SMART – Safety, Maintence, Always wear it, Research, Takeaway

What does this mean?

SAFETY – Wear your sunscreen!  I can not stress this enough in my Keller Spa.  It is your number 1 protection against the harsh Texas sun.  Just make it a habit – Like brushing your teeth.  In Texas our sun starts in April and lasts well into October.  So we southern girls certainly have to be aware.

MAINTENANCE – Get regular professional spa treatments.  Ask your Esthetician what she would recommend for your skin.  Get her opinion and heed her advice.  Depending on your skin and the desired results, I recommend a series of 1 or 2 weeks apart to achieve your goal.

ALWAYS WEAR IT – After the recommendation from your Esthetician at your spa, be confident and KNOW she has done her part to make sure she is giving you the best treatment for your skin.  DON’T SKIP A DAY!  Sunscreen is not just for when you’re going to be outside.  It’s everyday here in Texas!

RESEARCH – It’s important to know the efficacy of your sunscreen and all your products.  Ask your professional, do your own research to.

TAKE-AWAY – When considering a new product, be fully certain that you are using the correct one for YOUR SKIN TYPE.  If you aren’t sure, take a picture of it and ask your Esthetician.

FINALLY…..2 of my favorite SUNSCREENS:  Image spf, and SkinscriptRx Sunscreen – they are both hydrating and super effective…


Until next time!

Enjoy the SUN, not the SUN DAMAGE!sunscreen

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