Flush that fat!

Flush that fat!

Do you know how many benefits Cranberries have for your body, skin and overall health and wellness?  In my search for “all things to help the skin”, I have found that Cranberries are one of the BEST super foods.  According the Anne Louise “Cranberries were analyzed with other fruits for their antioxidant power by measuring their ORAC value (oxygen radical absorbance capacity). Cranberries register a 9,584 ORAC value compared to the second runner up (raspberries), which were only 4,882. So cranberries are powerful medicine in neutralizing harmful free radicals and preventing them from taking a foothold in the body.”  Drinking 64 ounces of Cran-Water helps to flush out toxins and even fat from the body also detoxifying the Liver.  Cranberries also help support healthy kidney and bladder function. (Cran-Water is 8 oz organic, unsweetened Cranberry juice mixed with 56 oz Water)

Keeping our Liver clean is KEY to fat burning and a clean body will work the way God designed it.  Cran-Water is packed with enzymes, and organic acids that appear to act like natural digestive enzymes.  Cranberry helps to digest lumpy deposits of lymphatic waste, which could be one of the key reasons Fat Flushers report that their cellulite disappears.  People who detox their livers and get their lymph flowing also notice they have clear, smooth, glowing skin and toned bodies.

One of the most wonderful treatments I like to add to my clients’ facial routines are body wraps!  Body wraps, along with drinking cran-water really kick start the fat burning button!

The Contour body wrap is an all natural, invigorating cream for toned skin and faster, longer-lasting inch-loss results. Lose 4-14 inches in just 1 hour! The soothing Contour Body Wrap Cream stimulates circulation to your cellulite-prone areas, helping you lose those last stubborn inches and rid the body of beauty-robbing toxins.

Yes, we want to be healthy.  Yes, we want to look good.  Yes, we want to thrive instead of just survive!  My hope is that you will start your Cran-water detox and also consider a B-vitamin/Niacin body wrap next time you make your facial appointment.  Add the Contour Wrap to ANY FACIAL package!

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