Relaxation vs. Problem Solving

Relaxation vs. Problem Solving

I have a question for you. When you go to get your facial each month, are you more concerned with being relaxed and letting your Esthetician put you to sleep, OR are you primarily there for her to “fix” your problem skin?

Whatever your answer is to that question, I urge you………..PLEASE tell your Esthetician at the beginning of the treatment.  She wants to know!  Your skin care professional wants to fix the breakout you came in with, she seriously desires to help you fit into that pair of skinny jeans in a week, but she also wants you to have an enjoyable time in her care.  Communication is key in the treatment room.  I always ask my clients at the beginning of each service what his/her goal is for this treatment.  Are you wanting to treat your pigmentation today or are you really just here to take a deep breath and escape life for an hour?

I used to go to a therapist whom I LOVED.  Her touch was “just right” in the words of our friend Goldilocks, however, every time I would go to see her she would forget to ask what it was I wanted to accomplish that day.  She was so nice but really involved in just seeing me, talking to me about the latest shows on tv, etc.  I finally asked her if we could just be “quiet” in my treatment because I had just left a busy day and was really tired.  Of course she agreed and started the treatment.  The entire hour, she talked like normal.  I was so disappointed.  The next time I went in, I told her politely, “I’m really exhausted and honestly just want to be quiet and relax this time.”  Once again, she agreed but continued on her normal way of chit chat the entire service.  While, I loved her service, I never went back.  I was a little sad too.

As a therapist myself, I try to make sure to ask my clients, then listen.  Sure we can catch up for the first 5-10 minutes about their kids, their skin, their new boyfriend, but then it’s THEIR time to let me treat their skin and help them to look and feel amazing when they leave.

So don’t be afraid to let your Esthetician know.  I am never offended when someone communicates with me their wishes.  I am there to help.

Whether you are in your next treatment to relax, escape, get rid of those fine lines or acne scars, communicate.  I wish you all the best of treatments to come and can’t wait to see you next time!

Be Blessed!CBSpa

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