According to Kimberly Snyder, Best Selling Author of Beauty Detox Foods- (A MUST READ) there are certain foods to eat to help cleanse the body, detox the skin, flush out cellulite and give you that healthy glow. I have personally seen foods such as blueberries help clear up acne, and making that daily Green Smoothie will not only give you that extra pep in your step, it will literally make your skin glow!  Making small daily changes to your diet and putting something good “in” can make a big difference “outside”.

Try incorporating these BEAUTY FOODS for just 3 days and I believe you will see a difference!

Beautiful skin starts from within.

First Step– Start by eliminating processed foods like sugar, gluten, and dairy.

Cabbage is rich in Vitamins A and C which help to prevent crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles

Watercress can tackle patchy and uneven skin tone, which is often a sign of poor circulation or not enough oxygen and nutrients getting to the skin. Watercress has the ability to cleanse and oxygenate tissues for better blood flow.

Beets can help brighten dull eyes and flush your lymphatic system. Flushing out your lymphatic system can help bring youthfulness back by clearing cloudiness and whitening the whites of your eyes. Beets are high in iron and contain the antioxidant betacyanin, which supports liver and lymphatic health. Beets also are great to help clear up breakouts.

Cilantro is a beauty food helping to remove heavy metals from your system that enlarge fat cells. These toxins can increase the appearance of cellulite on your body. Add a little cilantro to your smoothie in the mornings and start flushing out that cellulite!

Citrus fruit (lemons, limes, oranges, etc) provides a boost of vitamin C, which can help to repair collagen and prevent cellulite from being so visible. It is also good to add to your water daily for healthy ph levels.

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